Top 15 Highest-paying Jobs in Canada for Women

In some parts of the world, women are always overlooked when it comes to employment opportunities. They consider that men are capable of carrying out their duties. Although women might be employed in some countries, their salary goes below the wage rate in addition to being poorly treated at work.

However, thanks to social advancements have changed the way we see things including considering women for high-paying jobs that align with their preferences. Whether you Canadian citizen or an international job applicant, this article is here for you to run some of the lists of the highest-paying jobs in Canada.

Meanwhile, Canada has a low unemployment rate according to the Trading Economics website, becoming one of the developed countries whose employment opportunities are usually associated with a considerable remuneration.


How Do I Start a Career in One of the Highest Paying Jobs for Women in Canada?

Before we move on to the main purpose of this article, you have to envisage yourself getting ready to land one of the highest-paying jobs that Canada has to offer. if you are looking for an ideal occupation that has a good paycheck, as well as professional progress and a sense of fulfillment, here are some suggestions you need to hold dearly for getting employed with a deserving job.

Get a Training Course

If your main target is a job that you think will benefit you, regardless of whether it mismatches with your academic qualifications or not, the best thing to do is take a training course in such a field. This would help you perform your duties perfectly when employed and also improve your abilities and confidence.


Enhance Your CV

Ensure to make frequent updates to your CV when the need arises. Remember to fill all empty gaps and also be willing to display accuracy on your paperwork by showing prospective employers that you’re capable of the job.

Getting Ready for Job Interviews

Aside from providing a credible CV, make your documentation do the talking by serving as the backbone when it comes to your qualifications. This includes all your certificates required. Other important ones are the travel documents like passports and visas. Note these should be taken seriously for settling in Canada to get employed. All your documents must contain images of yourself and other travel documents aside from your passports and visas to obtain a work permit.

Administrator of Education

The role of an administrator of education is to oversee members of staff, improve curricula, and engage in management as well as sorting out financial-related issues in schools. This is one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada and is ideal for women to consider. The average salary per year for this job is $115,000. Click this link to browse job opportunities related to this field.


Nurse Practitioner

When it comes to health issues, Canada maintains its status quo by ensuring that the country has some of the best health facilities ensuring good health status for the populace. Being one of the highest paying jobs in Canada, this is a skilled profession perfect for women since they will join heads with other medical experts to diagnose patients and dispense medication. If you’re a skilled professional nurse, there are lots of nursing jobs online that you can apply for. Working as a nurse, you will be able to earn an average salary of $92,631 every year.


Manager of Marketing

How does market management work out? They guide marketing groups to develop and implement campaigns for various goods and services. Marketing management is considered one of the highest-paying jobs for women as far as Canada is concerned. This job requires creative work on your part and when you put in your best efforts, you will realize that taking the job in the first place would be an excellent option. Run through some jobs in marketing management available online by making an annual salary of nothing less than $78,000.



Being a physician is another job you might want to consider as a woman, especially if you’re a qualified medical professional. Everyone knows that the job of a physician is bagged with a huge paycheck and the reason women should go for the job is because it’s one of the finest possibilities of high-paying employment in Canada’s healthcare industry. For every year, physicians usually make an average salary of $144,148 every year.


Market Analyst

You can also consider the job of a market analyst. What they do in this regard is to source information based on customers and rivals for a variety of businesses. The reason why this job comes with a good paycheck of over $61,193 is because it plays an important role in ensuring that businesses operate smoothly and profitably.


Supervisor of Human Resources

The role of this job is to manage various employee-related tasks for different kinds of companies. However, there is a high demand to have this position occupied by some companies in developed countries, which makes it one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada for women like you willing to be a part of the corporate world by having the potential to grow as a leader.



Having the required legal skills propels you to excel when handling legally related issues and complex cases. Being a lawyer, you will also be able to render legal advice to your clients and represent them in court. Canada is in high demand for competent legal practitioners. This is why it is one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada especially for women. Another reason is that various people institute legal actions every day. There is usually a higher tendency for women to excel in the legal profession. The average salary of a lawyer is $103,792 yearly.



Don’t overlook the work of a pharmacist because it pays pretty well in Canada. They are known for giving prescription drugs and also recommending over-the-counter medicines to patients suffering from illnesses. An average pharmacist earns over $104,000 every year. If you have a degree in pharmacy as well as being a trained professional in such a field, then you should try opting in for this job since various hospitals and medical centers in Canada are willing to competent pharmacists from all over the world.


Business Management Consultant

The work of a business management consultant is making certain assessments and also providing suggestions to make an organization or business stand out among rivals in a particular industry by making it more successful and even profitable. With an average yearly salary of over $76,024, taking this highest-paying job in Canada serves as the best idea for women who want to offer assistance to other business executives or entrepreneurs.


Software Developer

Software development is a very lucrative venture you don’t want to miss, especially if you are skilled and competent in such a field. The major task here is based on designing and building software applications for different organizations and entrepreneurs in Canada. Not only men are good at software development, but women also get the work done. So if you’re interested in becoming a software developer, you will make roughly $90,000 every year.



Are you a female expert in psychology? If you are skilled in this profession, envisage yourself getting profited from the highest-paying jobs Canada has to offer for productive women. It pays over $83,200 yearly by helping patients or clients overcome various mental health obstacles. Another benefit attached is that you get to become a problem solver and healer to potential clients around Canada since there is a high rate of people experiencing mental health problems.


Veterinary Doctor

Vets are also needed in North America since they provide care and medical attention for sick and injured pets of clients or other animals. By doing this they offer preventive treatment with the use of medications, surgeries, or vaccines. Although the job of a veterinary doctor is one of the highest paying jobs in Canada for women, they will continue to be in high demand in the country and clients would want to engage the service of ladies preferably because the clients feel that ladies love animals a lot and would want to work closely with them.


Career Counselor

Being a skilled career counselor, your service serves as an important key in the labor market to lay down the path for the successful career path of various people including the likes of students. Women can take up the job of becoming a career counselor by offering advice to clients in selecting the best career path. The result of this highest-paying job in Canada comes out positive in such a way that the clients would find fulfillment in increasing their sense of assurance and excitement about the future. The estimated salary an average counselor makes every year is $54,659.


Industrial Designer

Women are also capable of becoming good industrial engineers. This is considered one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada for women because it is usually associated with intensive tasks involving creating concepts for various manufactured goods like cars and other appliances. For women interested in design, being an industrial designer is a good starting point for a fulfilling and prosperous career and future. The average yearly salary for this job is $60,000.



If you work as a female dentist, take the chance to elevate your professional skills to the next level by going to Canada to help patients achieve better oral health. The attractive wage attached to this job is an average earning of $163,243 every year. As you can see, Canadians don’t joke with their dentitions and try to do everything possible to engage the service of a good dentist.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which part of Canada pays the most?

In Canada, places like Alberta have abundant jobs and oil, making it one of Canada’s top provinces. The median income is $61,000, the highest nationwide. Ontario, the most populated province, has an average salary of $55,000, the second highest in Canada.

Who earns more UK or Canada?

The average salary in Canada is 12% higher than in the UK, and most key roles also enjoy higher average salaries, with a few exceptions.

Is life better in the UK or Canada?

The best country for you ultimately depends on your circumstances and preferences. If you value a high-quality education system and affordable tuition fees, the UK could be a good option. On the other hand, if a lower cost of living is important to you, Canada might be a better choice.

Is Canada colder than the UK?

Canada is approximately ten times larger than the UK and has diverse climatic zones. Generally, it’s safe to say that most, if not all, of Canada experiences colder temperatures compared to the UK.

Which country has the highest female workforce?

Iceland topped the list of countries with the highest female employment rates globally in 2022, boasting an 81 percent female employment-to-population ratio among women of working age.

Which city has the most job opportunities in Canada?

Toronto takes the lead in Canada’s job market competitiveness. On average, there are 65.5 applicants for LinkedIn job postings in Toronto within a week, surpassing all other cities in the country.

Is 3000 dollars a month a good salary in Canada?

In smaller cities or rural areas, a budget of CAD 3,000 per month may cover basic living expenses, including rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, and some discretionary spending. But in larger cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal, the cost of living tends to be higher.


Don’t blame yourself for being anxious when searching for some of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. It is certain that the first process will always be tough and even seem tiring to some extent, but with consistency and dedication, you will finally land a perfect job that suits your interests. During the process of finding jobs in Canada just make sure to locate those that pay well, and also offer long-term security, which allows you to start your life all over by becoming part and parcel of the Canadian labor force.

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