A story is currently trending on Facebook about two supposedly gay Nigerian guy who were reportedly caught in the act of homosexuality.

Now take note carefully, these three names, Milli Casper, Rich Silver and Pepe Sneh… we’ll use Milli, Rich and Pepe for shorts.

Milli Casper
Rich Silver and Pepe Sneh

Milli, is the guy who, as YBL carried out its investigation, outed Rich and Pepe for supposedly being gay. According to Milli, he has proof that the duo are gay guys.

In a Facebook rant, Milli claims that he was set up by these two guys who went to steal a phone and planted it on him – he was then beaten mercilessly as though he was the one who stole the phone.


Milli later on acknowledged that he’s a thief and he just might have had a thing or two to do with the alleged theft – this is because the suspected gay guys had gone on Facebook to insult him and enraged by this, he decided to expose their forbidden sexuality.

Milli shared screenshots of the chat he had with Pepe and as can be seen, Pepe begged Milli not to publish their chats (of which Milli did) because it would damage his ‘reputation’ – Pepe, in his plea, subtly acknowledged his sexuality as sentences like “I’m not the first gay” , “is it a crime to be gay?” is seen from his account to Milli.

Milli, as at the time of this post is yet to publish the proofs he claims he has against Rich and Pepe but promises to expose them as he even puts his life on the line if he doesn’t. guy, if I no expose una make I die

Rich and Pepe on the other hand, have not denied the allegations against them but after Nigerians reacted to their story and apparently cursed at them, Pepe was forced to reveal that he was actually approached first by Rich and so Rich just might the real gay dude.

Pepe had taken to Facebook too, to call out Milli, who still published their chat, even though he begged him not to.

Rich, doesn’t seem to be bothered as he took to his page to praise his relationship with Pepe.

He wrote:

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