Daddy Freeze Replies Follower

We all know how the media personality is against almost if not all of the spiritual leaders in the country… he makes that very clear almost daily on his page.

Few days ago, he’d published an article declaring that the prophesies of the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, RCCG, E.A Adeboye, are all false.

The well known Cool FM broadcaster based his argument on what he referred to as “an unfulfilled prophesy” that the revered man of God made at the end of 2015 that a new killer sexually transmitted disease will emerge in 2016 and according to Freeze, this is 2017 and nothing like that has been discovered, hence his submission that Adeboye’s prophesies are nothing but fibs.

He further shared that Ekiti State Governor, Fayose had prophesied that President Buhari’s health will fail him in 2017 and now it has happened, but Nigerians are still waiting for Adeboye’s prophesy to come to pass.

A follower of his on social media and presumably a worshiper at The Redeemed Christian Church Of God, @tofumi_omolaja chastised the broadcaster, saying

“Uncle please check well for your facts before start spreading rubbish…a new sexually transmitted disease was discovered last year and the G.O stated that everybody unsettling Nigeria will be relocated.”

Trust the OAP to reply comments like these… in his own words,

should not respond to your verbal ejaculations , as it reeks cognitive ineptitude. However I must say this, only a sheeple will link Buhari’s absence to a mudane prophecy just to give credence to a “Pastor” who flies while you crawl by the way there was no new venereal disease discovered in 2016. Whenever it is discovered , be rest assured it will be named after the man who prophesied it. May I suggest we call it Daddy G.O norrhea”

The OAP doesn’t look like he’s gonna back down any bit in chastising the spiritual leaders in the country until he’s achieved his aim of freeing the sheeple…