A Nigerian Lady, Identified as Nek Key Billz has written to all Biafrans, and urged them to stop deceiving themselves, all in the name of IPOB.

Read What she wrote below;

This is to address all the people causing nuisance all in the name of Biafra

You people should stop deceiving yourselves, imagine!!! What do you even have that you want to go for war??? Which ammunitions do you possess?? How many trained military men do you have??? Nnamdi Kanu wants to waste the lives of innocent Igbos, while his family is in London??? Don’t you people have sense at all???

What do you think war is?? You people need to wisen up and stop letting that man deceive you… if you ever want to have Biafra, you need to have a plan, well equipped trained persons, and resources but what do you people even have???

Nnamdi Kanu is saying that God gives him revelations but less I forget, the Bible said that God is not an author of confusion…. your lives are more precious to God, while not use it wisely instead of embarking on a futile war
This resort to shenanigans, hate speech, and sometimes incitement to violence by organisations such as IPOB and MASSOB must be unconditionally condemned as they are inimical to national unity, stability, peaceful coexistence and national security.

We must constantly be aware of the terrain and times. We have a country that has gone through a civil war, military coups and counter-coups, some of them bloody, prolonged military dictatorships, several false starts as a democracy, insurgency and banditry and a huge youth population whose huge expectations are far from being met.

Our peculiar circumstances have made it difficult to deliver and what we need is trust and hope to see us through the difficult times. We shall overcome, but we need all the survival techniques our collective talent can muster.



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