New report following on going investigation of suspected kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, alias Evans, has revealed that he was also involved in crimes in South Africa.

Police spokesman, Mr. Moshood Jimoh, told The Nation that wealthier associates of Evans, have been uncovered during the on going investigation.

He said:

“You may recall that a Federal High Court granted us a three month remand warrant for Evans. We are just into the second month now and before the expiration of the third month, it is expected that we should be taking him to court.

The little time is to ensure that we conduct a thorough and detailed investigation. So we need a little time to properly round things up and ensure that he is properly prosecuted because Nigerians will not be happy if we lose such a case in court on the basis of technical matters.”

“In the course of this investigation we have other prime suspects including people who broke away from Evans’ gang to start their own gang – they left Evans to go and do a similar (kidnapping) business.

Some of the suspects we later picked after detectives’ interactions with Evans are even living larger than Evans. We are going to ensure that we don’t make things public until we gather all our evidence towards securing a conviction in court.

I won’t give you figures but they are many suspects. There is a special group of criminal suspects that are referred to as ‘catchers’; in criminal syndicates, they are the people that identify targets and give information about innocent people.”


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