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Exclusive: How a Nigerian Scammer, Jude Onyekachukwu scammed a company of N100,000 on Facebook. (photos)

Published by on September 2nd, 2017.

The Founder and CEO of an Organization, The Conveyor, has reached out to us, to help expose a Nigerian Scammer, who apparently scammed them of N100,000.

The scammer, Identified as Jude Onyekachukwu Igweposed as a Female, and then took part in a competition they organized, which saw the scammer, Jude, winning the competition, using Fake Female Facebook Account he cloned.

Apparently, the company organized a business plan contest, and the aim was to help and assist our young unemployed youths who are interested in starting up a small business to get started with 100,000 as the startup capital.

The Scammer, Jude Onyekachukwu.

Here’s the story:

We recently organized a business plan contest via our Facebook page, the conveyor and the aim is to help and assist our young unemployed youths who are interested in starting up a small business to get started with 100k as the startup capital. We received well over 200 submissions. However we had top 8 who to the finals.

There’s this young man, Jude Onyekachukwu Igwewho made 3 submissions, 1 from his real account and the other from cloned facebook accounts. Unfortunately his personal submission didn’t make it to the finals but the other two made it.

Soon after, the winner was selected and it happened to be a girl that he had cloned her account. After the result was announced, we contacted the girl and asked her to send her account info so we can make remittance of the funds but complained of having BVN issues with her bank due to name mismatch.

We opted in giving her 5k to go and sort out the bvn problem but she didn’t say anything. Later on, she suggested that since this guy is her cousin and he is the one that invited her to the page, that we can send the to him. We said ok and owing to the fact that this guy has won twice from the platform, we respected and trusted the decision to be valid since we also know him personally.

The Scammer, Jude Onyekachukwu

The payment was sent on August 29th at 10pm and just the next day, we received a complaint and the girl whose pictures were used came out and was very furious which raised an alarm. On reaching out to the guy he admitted that he did clone the accounts and it was fraud.

The reason I want this to be published is for others to see how our very young people who complains of unemployment and lack of government support do not like the idea of somebody coming with with an idea that will help. I am attaching all the picture evidences.

The Cloned Account.. The account he used in entering & winning the competition. Photo: YabaLeftOnline
Jude trying to use the “Cloned Female Account” to get the money sent to him directly. Photo: YabaLeftOnline
Jude trying to use the “Cloned Female Account” to get the money sent to him directly. Photo: YabaLeftOnline
After the money was successfully sent to Jude’s Bank Account. Photo: YabaLeftOnline
Screenshot of the N100,000 sent to Jude’s Account. Photo: YabaLeftOnline
Screenshot of the Chat, when the Company contacted “Jude”, to confirm if he is indeed the cousin to Mirable Olisa. (A Fake Facebook Profile). Photo: YabaLeftOnline
Screenshot of Jude admitting the scam, and pleading with a rep of the company, begging them he’d pay back the N100,000. Photo: YabaLeftOnline

Now, after he successfully received the payment of N100,000.., Jude begged for forgiveness… But then he Later sent the Founder of the Organization he previously scammed the below message, asking for help of N50,000.

Good day My brother. Hope all is well.

I want to go straight to the point. I have a challenge. Last year I was attacked and shot by armed robbers. It was a close range shot and I nearly lost my life but God delivered me. I was rushed to University Of Portharcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) where I got medical attention.

I had 40 Pallets in my body from the shot because the whole bullet penetrated. Doctors were able to bring out just six. And said that my tissues would damage if they go further trying to bring out the rest, prescribing that in time the pallets may surface and could be taken out easily.

Just this year I have been having severe pain in walking. I still have 34 pallets in my leg. I went for check up and they found out that the lead pallets are reacting with my body and suggested that what I need is a surgery.

I have since then running around to help myself. It will take 450,000 for the operation. The reactions of pallets are pre-cancerous and could lead to cancer.

That would be automatic amputation of my leg. Please I’m soliciting for support. I’m just a young man who’s starting life. I have been able to raise some money. 230,000 to be precise. The more I wait the more I am risking my chances of walking for life. Anything anybody can help me with. I beg of you.

I groan in pains every night.. my life is hell now. Anything at all that could support me to help myself. Please. You don’t have to give me everything. Anything would help me as I still struggle everyday to get the remaining.

These are the pictures of the X-Ray I went recently to check the position and number of pallets .. they are still thirty-four. And a police report and then the injury itself. And the following documents of which we agreed to help him with 50k

He claimed he was shot and had bullets in his leg and needed money to go take it out..

I know many people are going to find this as a “mugu fall, maga pay” situation. But that’s fine.

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