Is Ireti Kingibe Pushing for Chaos in the FCT? Apparently scared of her own victory

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The attempt by the Senator Elect of the labour party in the FCT, Ireti Kingibe, to cause chaos and provoke anarchy and lead to a total breakdown of law and order in the federal capital territory, Abuja, is rather unfortunate and unbecoming of the office she is fighting so hard to represent. Prior to her controversial victory in the elections for the only senatorial seat in the FCT, Miss. Kingibe started by announcing herself as winner even before counting of the ballots had started. she continued to make unguided remarks and comments during the period of collation in a bid to incite the public against INEC and other parties that took part in the election, as well as coarse the electoral body to do her bidding.

In an election which she claimed was filled with irregularities and further cancelations in some area councils as a result of reports of over voting, it was rather mundane when INEC mysteriously announced her as winner without any proper collation, neither did they address the irregularities in the FCT senatorial elections.

Before the controversial announcement, she had accused the returning officer of collecting over 500 million from the opposition parties, however she could not substantiate this self-serving and provocative claims because it now appears she was the one who had been able to buy out people in the electoral commission who in gestapo style, announced her as winner of the senatorial elections.

A few days after, she proceeded to whip ethnic sentiment and incite a tribal war between the indigenous people of the FCT and the  non-natives. She accused them of being unqualified and incompetent to manage the affairs of the FCT and urged them to take a back seat.

AS a desperate politician she has continued to call all sorts of press conferences and has continued to mobilize individuals to spread false claims against the opposition and discredit even the electoral body which declared her winner.

In the usual pattern, the LP chairman has accused opposition parties of trying to alter a result that has been declared, the only reason they will make such a claim is because of the way and manner they were able to get their candidate declared as winner after 3 area council results had been cancelled.

There is every indication that her alleged frequent meeting with staff of INEC before and after the elections have been unsuccessful. She has deduced that she will not be able to defend her supposed victory through legal and appropriate means. This has resulted in nothing but a media campaing of calumy and direct calculated attempt to undermine the opposition parties and INEC before the court of public opinion.

The last ditch attempts to create panic and chaos, by mobilising non state actors to go about making inciting statements, to create a state of panic and tension and purportedly cause violence. We call on the  security agencies to be vigilant  as the intent is to cause a complete break down of law and order in the FCT.

While the other candidates have called for calm from their supporters and will seek redress in the legal ways necessary, the Senator elect of the LP has continued to raise false alarm every other minute in an attempt to cause panic and tension to cover up the messy coalition and announcement of results by INEC at the senatorial election.

20 years of contesting speaks a lot
about the desperation of an individual to
have a seat in the senate. How different
is she from Atiku?

After contesting this one seat for two decades, it is a shame her emergence can only be attributed to riding on Peter Obi’s wave and her undemocratic crusade.

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  1. 20yrs of seeking for senate in d FCT???…Na wah o,.Abeg make I ask her one question ooo….what has she done for the people of FCT for that 20yrs she’s been contesting? Abi na just to come Answer Distinguish Senator she want? Or she thinks FCT is where she came and make her money and go back to her state?
    Abeg Madam Abi na Hajia sef we go call u, Go and rest ooo… Abuja no be Ur mate,. Make u relax. E never reach Ur turn..clear road for us

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