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Lord X SHAYO LUVIN (true life story) ft frankie free

Published by on October 31st, 2018.

First of all means when are obsessed with love (when the love they catch you) This is my story.

There was a girl I met online, she was cool and knew how to keep a good convo, after sometime we started dating online, mentioning name here won’t be appropriate so let’s skip . We dated for about one month without seeing each other, on a particular day I decided to show her picture to one of my close friend, he looked at her and said he doesn’t like her because of her tattoos and all that, he said she looks fake, mehn I became angry with him for saying that and we argued and quarreled, but you know as guys matter dey be na after too many talk we just end the whole matter. So on a very good day i texted this girl that I would love to see her and she suggested we meet at shoprite, I had enough money on me that day because I was just coming from the bank, so we linked up at shoprite, she was pretty cool even in person, so I decided to spoil her a little, I spent some money on her and also planned on giving her a lil something after we done here just to impress her enough based on it was the we seeing each other after chatting and saying sweet things to ourselves over the phone. Though i was also hoping everything i was doing would impress her enough to wanna go back home with me or lodge an hotel you know? like anywhere we could’ve had privacy to do those things we been saying to ourselves we gon do when we eventually meet, she finished eating and said she has to take her leave now that she was sent to the market to get foodstuffs so she just decided to branch and see me, and promised to come to my place tomorrow, Mehn i was dissaponted and wasn’t happy listening to what she was saying but I kept my cool, gave her 5k cash so she will be eager to come the next day, and so she left and I went home. The next day I was trying to reach her but she was always on another call, I called multiple times but she wasn’t picking up, I started having cold feets, I felt bad and thought to myself that I should have listened to the advise my friend was giving me the other day, later that day, she called back and started preaching, telling me she has a serious boyfriend and didn’t know how to tell me, I froze on the call because i was in shock and didn’t know what to say at that moment, and that was how she ended the call and till date i haven’t heard anything from her, no text no call, i call and she ignores.

So I decided to tell this Story in a song.
Thanks for reading I sincerely appreciate
#lord X
#frankie free
# luvin

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  1. Comment your story and get a reward from us

    by Lord X on Oct 31, 2018 at 9:10 pm Reply

  2. Drop your story and get a reward from us
    #lord X
    #shayo luvin

    by Lord X on Oct 31, 2018 at 9:23 pm Reply

  3. Make sense my boy if you like no post the song soon

    by Gizy on Oct 31, 2018 at 11:09 pm Reply

  4. one day I met a guy on a group chat we chatted and it was fun, i started having a crush on him he asked me out and I accepted I dated him online for two weeks …we couldn’t see he was at school .later on he came back from school , we saw the next day he was amazing …my feelings towards him became more stronger we loved each other so dearly ….he always called I did same we always chats ,we saw each other almost everyday but I found out one thing ….omg he was cheating on me ….I was so sad what do I do I’m always thinking I said to my self I’m in love with him what if he leaves me …we dated for about 4months ..he’s behavior started changing those thoughts are coming to pass I said …he went back to school I was insecured…he came back two days later he was heal I visited him at the the hospital ,I thought him food n provisions he need,sleepless nights n thought always praying ….he was healthy again he went back to school only for me to see a picture on Facebook he’s friend posted about him *He’s now a father congrats * I was so shocked how can my boyfriend become a father but I’m not pregnant omg it was another girl’s child. I called him about the news he was about to apologize n beg me…but there’s nothing I could so we broke up …I felt heart broken

    by royalty on Oct 31, 2018 at 11:29 pm Reply

  5. I have also met a girl online, after enough talk on the phone chats on fb even move am to whatsapp, I didn’t tell her to anyone yet till the day we planned to meet then I told one of my guy that a girl is coming to pay me visit and I want to chill with the girl in his crib as a coded guy. So my guy agree, when the girl arrived at the nearest bus stop close to me I quickly move go toll am, I was lucky immediately we got home she feel for me and we had a quicky, no shoprite, no money just 5h for tp after eating one super pack indomie without Egg

    by Inno Blinkz on Oct 31, 2018 at 11:35 pm Reply

  6. lol
    you are mad @gizy
    you better come and drop ya story

    by lord X on Oct 31, 2018 at 11:56 pm Reply

  7. nice one @ royalty

    by Anonymous on Oct 31, 2018 at 11:58 pm Reply

  8. u are mad @ gizy
    u better come and tell us ur story o

    by lord X on Nov 1, 2018 at 12:02 am Reply

  9. I met this bae on Instagram she was cute. I messaged her and she replied, so we started chatting and gradually we became friends and from friends we became lovers. Though we’ve not had any formal contact as we met online I believed she was my ride or die. I wasn’t that broke but I didn’t have alot to spend, there were times I would sub her for 2k while I was on a 500 naira plan. So two months after we started dating we decided to meet up. So I told my homie am gonna meet my Instagram lover, I showed him her profile and he laughed saying she’s one of those bae who changed guys like clothes but I said no, she’s no faker she’s a realer, and he said don’t say you weren’t warned. And I smiled nd said bro lock up. So we set a location and date. A date before our designated hook up I went with my guys to do some stuff there as it was a shopping mall. And lo and behold there my Instagram lover was cuddling and going so romantic with another dude. I was shocked so I couldn’t really confront her so I went home. I decided to ask her concerning what I saw and she replied saying she was her cousin and that’s how they usually behave, I was then relaxed thinking she wasn’t cheating on me. That same day she asked me for 10k for her ‘up keep’ and after much pleading I had to credit her the 10k. The day we met I bought her a new phone worth 35k as a gift. She was glad as her phone was having issues. So we had to buy 1 or 2 things if at all in the shopping mall.She said she would like to do this next week but instead we would meet in my house, so I said no problem. Time flied and we ended up in the day she scheduled the meeting, after I had made preparations I called her but no answer. I called and texted for 2 days trying to reach her, all to no avail. I was just about going out when my homie came to my house laughing at me and my foolishness saying “e don clear for your eye abi” I was curious what he was all about till he stretched out his phone showing my Instagram lover’s page showing her new post with the caption ”new boo alert”. She left me after eating my money..
    #shayo luvin

    by #offixialcrase on Nov 1, 2018 at 12:03 am Reply

  10. She said she would like to do this next week but instead we would meet in my house, so I said no problem. Time flied and we ended up in the day she scheduled the meeting, after I had made preparations I called her but no answer. I called and texted for 2 days trying to reach her, all to no avail. I was just about going out when my homie came to my house laughing at me and my foolishness saying “e don clear for your eye abi” I was curious what he was all about till he stretched out his phone showing my Instagram lover’s page showing her new post with the caption ”new boo alert”. She left me after eating my money..
    #shayo luvin

    by Jesse on Nov 1, 2018 at 12:04 am Reply

  11. Testing the coment box

    by Juju on Nov 1, 2018 at 12:07 am Reply

  12. Boss the story long oooo but thanks to God

    by Sia No on Nov 1, 2018 at 2:18 am Reply

  13. E never happen to me b4… Wen he happen I go come back here come drop mah line

    by _sb_raw on Nov 1, 2018 at 4:51 am Reply

  14. So it started on a Sunday morning, I turned on my phone wow! someone added me on a group chat… It was fun at first till I noticed he was giving me small shots
    We got into dm got to know each other better… Then he asked me out I decline at first… I wasn’t sure of my feelings. But we were still good friends, he asked again I turned him down but then I thought of it ‘give it a try’
    Yeah I did give it a try… I visited him in school for the fisrt time we talked laughed and it was like on of the best days of my life, things began to change after 2 years of the relationship, though he visited, took me out and all that, I could tell something was wrong… Got a call one day and all I could hear was he’s an ass, he’s cheating… I confronted him but he denied it, it went on that way till I had to stop talking to him… He started showing sign he was really not for me😔

    by CheeDeemma on Nov 1, 2018 at 5:26 am Reply

  15. My Story line goes like this, I was so in love with a girl and being so over protective.. I did so much for her all in the name of love, i sacrificed everything..i loved this girl so much that i can’t even sleep at night. But at the end, i got betrayed. I came to find out that she didn’t evn love me back. I was being used.

    by Mhavin Xoft'life on Nov 1, 2018 at 6:02 am Reply

  16. It started like every other day me on my bed my phone in my hand scrolling through various social media and shit. Surprisingly something caught my eye a girl that had way too many titles ( beauty,physique, killer smile and an a** to die for( if you know you know) after fantasizing about her I decided to add her up and maybe get a chance to know more about her.We started chatting I found out she was a cool person we never had a dull moment so we started dating online. I felt so happy whenever I’m talking to her I always waited for her to come online gave her night calls oh I forgot to mention she had the voice of an angel I felt so attached to her and I had a feeling we were meant for each other. I told most of my friends about her most told me I’d hit the jackpot while others told me she’s just another thot(runs girl) going after my money. I found it hard to believe I was angry at them because I was deeply in love with her that I found it hard to believe any accusations made against her.
    Few months after online dating I told her I wanted to meet her in person I suggested we meet at shoprite she bought the Idea and she was cool with it. She said she wasn’t having tee fare money wasn’t a problem for me so I transferred 2k for her for transport fare.
    We met at shoprite and damn she was so pretty in person we went had lunch at the mall we talked had some laughs and man I thought that I was the luckiest dude alive. I insisted that we go over to my house when we’re done she agreed so she had to excuse herself leaving her phone. She took some time tho but frequent calls just kept coming from her phone. Noh mind me I’m a bad snooper I decided to go through her phone.luckily there was no password on her phone but from what I saw on her phone I was shocked and heartbroken.I wanted to wait for her to come out but……I didn’t want to cause a scene so I went home but paid for everything before I left. Few hours later I was on my bed depressed heartbroken and disappointed she kept calling sending countless texts but I ignored her. I found out my friends were right she was a thot she planned leaving me immediately we were over when with lunch coz she never stopped texting while we were at the mall. I felt heartbroken i started having suicidal thoughts but……..I was kinda grateful coz it taught me a lesson. Never……
    By Kelvin(lil smurz)

    by Lil smurz on Nov 1, 2018 at 7:28 am Reply

  17. lol
    u are sick @sb raw

    by lord X on Nov 1, 2018 at 10:08 am Reply

  18. hahaha
    u are disqualified @innoblinks

    by lord X on Nov 1, 2018 at 10:09 am Reply

  19. nice one @official crase

    by lord X on Nov 1, 2018 at 10:12 am Reply

  20. lol nice @chidimma

    by lord X on Nov 1, 2018 at 10:14 am Reply

  21. ehya take heart my bro @ mhavin

    by lord X on Nov 1, 2018 at 10:15 am Reply

  22. nice one at lil smurz

    by lord X on Nov 1, 2018 at 10:18 am Reply

  23. Omen my own worst… Gal way i feel say we day date for long.. Girl way i don spend atleast three $100 itunes card for her head..
    On my bdae she post.. Happy bday to this my shawama friend,he can buy me shawama for africa.. Anytime am angry.. Shawama. more money to your acct so you can buy me more shawama..
    I vex inbox this girl.. You knw watin dis gurl tell me?
    She say.. Ahnn ahnn.. Is dah why you are angry? I thought you knew that shawama is the only thing connecting us..
    God.. If e nr pain me, i day lie…

    by Fabzy on Nov 1, 2018 at 3:55 pm Reply

  24. it all started at a wedding party I was like mhen see dis babe she make sense be like na me and her go next marry I tell mah guy say i need meet her i need feel her he was like okay make de party close first as you can see she join the bride’s maid she go dey busy. I was like okay make the party do close with time las las we still block her tezz her trust famus fave he make de girl laff.. na so my mind dey we change number smile just full my face
    ion even wait to reach house before i ring her we being talk talk talk my guy was like famus bring your mind down other girls dey here you never even know her house…me myself was like lookup she nor dey leave far na just sapele she dey 1k go and cum I don rock am.
    with time we begin text sweet sweet text talk good and bad word mhen ion even think am go that side say e go be like dis mhen I begin love dis girl so tay I think say na waist of time to tell her say i love her..
    on a faithful day i balling sapele i text her say I dey come she say no p house open all day 2sec my mind dey can’t wait to see her face again..not too long I land sap ring her she text Me address i begin waka
    I dey half way na she tell me she dey go somewer say mummy send her message to get sumtin from the mall she ask me to join her that it will be fun…not knowing it was all her plan
    she text me mall address I turn around mhen base on card dey my pocket no dulling I get to the mall we meet first hugging turn my head can’t believe she’s a wolf in sheep cloth
    after a little talk she begin point..point this point that buy bag full hoping to go house she begin tell me mummy and daddy get biff I was like how that one take consign you babe you’re a big girl lockup them give mum the bad we can rock in guest house.she say ehnn all the guest house work know me oo I was like wat you mean she say no not what you thinking oo i was like okay what are you saying cause I look her hand bag full with many pointing she say okay let’s go I will handle this one
    we take ride to her house she told me to wait at the gate mhen na der I wait for hours this babe nor show face I was forced to knock until 1 bros show face I say I dey look for blessing he say she nor dey stay dis place men my heart cut for girl wer just enter dis place…bro cry ion fit cry till dis very day

    by Anonymous on Nov 1, 2018 at 4:02 pm Reply

  25. I knew her, I asked her to date me she agreed(single wanted to finish me, don’t blame me), frankly I didn’t love her like my bestie(p.s my kolo bestie went to find snail close to a pond at our homeland, drown n died) but it was better than nothing. Gradually I started falling in love, I thought the feelings were reciprocal, I did a lot for her at the time(what was it wey King👑 nor fit do) only for me to find out she had 3some with my OG n his bae(I forgave him las las), She actually didn’t have the balls to say, I had to find out through Unknown sources, cause she was taking my calls anymore! Automatically we broke up! She still went after my guys, apparently she liked them(that’s right I said them, dey be 3) from the beginning, she didn’t want anything long term with them(I suspected sha but there were my guys who am I to accuse my OG, thought they were loyal to the “Bro Code”). I told her what I had found out las las, she was shocked, but now we just friends☺!
    Anyways now, if I want a lady I’ll ask her hope #Shayo_luvin nor dey for ur dictionary!

    by DDK👑 on Nov 1, 2018 at 4:21 pm Reply

  26. I met him on fb and we started chatting, he asked for my WhatsApp number and I gave him, he called and we started talking, his voice was nice so I started crushing, we got along and we started dating, one day he begged me for 10k I immediately did transfer, he was really happy and we got along, so I told him let see he said okay so he told me to come to his house and I went, when I first saw him he was cute I smiled and he hugged me we laugh and we talked some minutes later a girl walked in, and they both laughed and played, me I just free style, some hours time he just stood up and said I should leave and I was like why?? He said just leave I stood up and walked out with shame hound later he uploaded the girls pic, i was like are you dating then he blocked me…. I called he blocked my number. .

    by Fj Bella on Nov 1, 2018 at 8:20 pm Reply

  27. @fj bella

    by Anonymous on Nov 1, 2018 at 9:23 pm Reply

  28. It has never happened to me before, but when it happens to me I will come back and drop my storyline

    by Bella on Nov 2, 2018 at 2:49 am Reply

  29. It was on a faithful day in church, we where having our yearly harvest Thanksgiving, when I saw her I liked her,she was very beautiful and she was on low cut. I said this one dey OK (no hair money), I called her and we talked and exchange numbers. We were friends for sometime till I decided to ask her out, she really loved me. We started dating and was very happy together, until she met a rich guy that had better financial status than myself, she started seeing fault in all I do and with time the love faded and I begged her to come back but she never did and she stopped talking to me or replying my messages after all the spending. This is my story
    #lord X
    #frankie free
    #shayo luvin

    by Godbless on Nov 2, 2018 at 11:30 am Reply

  30. There was this girl Who lived closed to My area….I just lust after her at first sight tho….. Some couples of years passed By..then I got a friend request from her elder sister….then I was like wow. Am a step closer to this girl….So her sister started a conversation with me…..She was cool and friendly…..So we started seeing each other as friends tho….then I realized her sister was into me….Me that was into her younger sister😂😂….Such a loss… las las I became friends with her sister….When the Younger sister became aware I was single to stupor she was like let’s date for a day…so I decided to be caring and I called her Lots of times before the day ended …..She liked the way I was caring she extended it to 3days…..I was Happy so I continued my caring attitude then days turned to weeks and I seriously started having feelings for her….So The last day of our 3days dating….We went to a pool…had fun with all her friends…..So when I finally asked her out
    She said… Is Not like I don’t love You oh
    She:the love I have for you is Agape love..brotherly love
    Mehn… the thing hit my chest

    by Ambitious BeT Hel on Nov 2, 2018 at 9:03 pm Reply

  31. I was at Victory View months back with my good friend Efe and a waitress there was more or less one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen. Efe and I were in a guyly conversation about our mutual woes in the fem category, and then she came over, introduced herself as Mercy and smiled and asked what we cared for, when my system crashed. I think I said Holy Bona, but I’m not sure I did.

    “Obob, I don see another Level,” I told Efe, once she walked away.

    “The biggest Level,” he responded, ‘Level’ being a term he and I often use to conveniently cover feelings of angst, or despair or even lust.

    She brought us cold beers. When she asked me if I wanted any snack to start with__ egg rolls, meatpie or so?—an amazing smile, sort of like a smiley emoticon, I said sure, yeah. (I remember, icon with the hearts as eyes).

    “I don kpuff,” I told Efe, meaning, I’m dead.
    There were several more waitress I’ve met but this girl was hot.
    Mercy came back to our table and brought us the snacks, which I wouldn’t have orded as I slipped in a little joke and she laughed. I turned to get some analysis on Efe’s end, raising my eyebrows as she patted my shoulder and walked off.

    “Look. It’s their job to be nice. Don’t get the wrong idea. I’ve been down that road. It’s a road of endless Levels” Efe rudely said.

    I think Efe had it right, and he is right. It’s their job to be nice. It’s rarely a black and white situation whether a girl likes you. But I think that if she’s talking to you, seems friendly and energetic, and not speaking to you out of obligation, you can probably assume she at least likes you as a person, and you can go from there.

    “So have we thought about main courses?” She asked now, whipping out her black, trousers. She wore the standard all white on black outfit with a black jacket, and I typically hate those things, (cause e be like choir uniform) but she bequeathed it with lovely appeal.

    She took our menus and walked off, with her “vita foam for back😀😀😃” bouncing behind her as she dey catwalk dey go. There was something to her, I observed. Though, Efe didn’t liked her shaa. Mercy was a pretty waitress though, as she came over to ask: “Everything okay? Do you want more snacks?”

    Suddenly I said: “Yeah, totally. I would actually love some more fishpie added” when in reality, I don’t even like fishpie cause of bones.

    “How was it, guys?” she asked us.
    After eating.
    “Great,” Efe said. “Thank you.”

    “Now, anymore drinks?

    “Nope we dey okay,” Efe said.

    “I would love two eggrolls,” Na so I answer her.

    “Oh! That’s okay! Should I wrap them up for ya and you can enjoy it later at home?”
    “That’s a great idea,” I said.
    Baba, dis eggroll don tire me o
    na dis fresh Level I need.
    “You be idiot. Na so so “Level” I go dey call you now. Said Efe.

    A few minutes later, she came over to say that it was a pleasure serving us, handing me my stuffs, which I still had no idea why I ordered, inside of a shiny white polyethylene bag.

    “Thank you!” I shouted, wanting her to hear me.
    “Well, what’d she look like? Is she cool?” I asked.
    And Efe said
    “Your questions don dey pv (provoke) me”.
    Here is where he hesitated to pay her up so we could leave quickly.
    “Tell me more about the waitress naaa,” I pressed. “Is there a future here?”
    “Hey, don’t get so touchy.”

    “Look—Most Pretty waitress are always nice in order for you to patronize their firm and so on. It’s their job unless they nor go pay them.”
    Mercy was settling in the table few metres from us, taking the beer bottles out of it. I looked at her one more time and she turned around and smiled at me, just as Efe and I stood up.

    “You know what, she actually was pretty nice to you. Maybe leave your number. See what happens,” Efe said.

    I looked at her one more time. I wasn’t shy but I felt this August cold inside me to take a step towards her. And this scary thoughts came into me, “what if she nor con call me, or she con say something like…We don’t give our contacts to our guest while we’re on duty or I can’t call you”. Maybe Mercy just like me. Na so I conclude.

    “I’m totally down for this waitress. Forget it,” I said, and we walked out.


    by Nuel Bona on Nov 3, 2018 at 6:15 pm Reply

  32. Wait make I cry before I put this story😭😭😭
    Omo e get this babe with nice curves and ridiculous body fb suggested to me to add as my friend normally when you see that kind thing you gats click the profile and soji the homosapien before you add
    This I did but in the process I got intoxicated by her merciless beauty and my head started flunctuating I quickly messaged her and applied all my womanizer spirit and damn she falled for me and my music omo I discovered the girl bad she always talked about s** and as a guy man I gingered my swagger made the move and went all the way to Asaba to see her and lo! and behold she was lekpacious and the figure on her profile was that of her late elder sister!🤧🤧 I taught someone will cry with me😪

    by E-boy on Nov 4, 2018 at 7:51 pm Reply

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