The Massive 5%

But what about the other 5% of our decisions?

Some of these are massive and life-shaping. Should I marry this person? How much money should I give away and where? How much should we save for retirement? Should we adopt a child? Should I pursue a different vocation? Should we homeschool or not? Should I pursue chemo or an alternative cancer treatment? Should we buy this home? Which college should I attend? Is it time to put my elderly parent in a nursing home? Should I go to the mission field?

Shouldn’t we expect God to direct us more explicitly in these?

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  1. I am truly grateful and blessed for these information and teaching which I will study and practice Daddy. It enlightens me and teaches me to be patient and be more compatible with my Lord’s decision. I will surely pass it on to my brothers and sisters for uplifting of life journey. Love you Daddy.

  2. Comment: Man Of God Thank You For Spiritual Advice, I’ll Work On My Weakness In Order For Me To Maintain The Faith To Pray Believing That God Is Able.


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