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Episode 1 – “The Legal Wife Series”

Published by on July 29th, 2018.

“The Legal Wife Series”

The Legal Wife Series



[It’s a busy Wednesday morning in the city of Lagos with a heavy mad traffic, different personalities already on their feet to various destinations. A few still on their bed and for the internet lovers; already on their gadgets for the latest updates…..As for Louis Adenuga and his ex wife Lisa Etomi, it is the final ruling of their case at the judicial arbitration….
……….With both parties and their lawyers present at the arbitration house including Louis fiancée, Arinola Williams, the arbitrator and his secretary walked into the room and headed straight to their seats with the secretary holding a laptop and a few files……As the secretary hands over the files to the arbitrator, he prepares to read his final judgment on the case……….With anxiety all over Louis and Lisa’s faces,, he reads his judgment all in favour of Louis]
Louis: [jumps off his seat in . He looks at his fiancée Arinola and then embraces deeply]
Lisa: [Looks at Louis as tears rolled down her eyes..she then wipes them off immediately]
Louis: [With a smile on his face, he walks up to his lawyer and gives him a shake in the hand]
…….As the arbitrator and his secretary leaves the room, Lisa’s lawyer looks at Lisa with a disappointed face…he then bows his head in shame..

[Lisa is seated at a Therapist’s office with her face looking all sour and bitter, her hair untidy and no make up on …..The Therapist and a young man walk in with the Therapist holding a file in her hand]
Therapist: [Looks at Lisa, surprised] Ohh… [Pause] you must be MsLisa..i……
Lisa: [Cuts in as anger gets worse] Mrs.  ……[pause] I am Mrs.  …Lisa
Therapist: [giggles and then stops walking]Ummm [looks at the young man] I’ll let you if the need arises, young man.. you may[points her hand to the exit door]
[Young man nods his head as he walks out of the room]
Therapist: [walks up to a seat and then sat down]Anyway that’s fine…so tell me,, why are you here today??
Lisa: [Burst into laughter] is that supposed to be a tease question cause….
Therapist: [cuts in,, surprised] Nooooo…it’s not..[Pause] Why would you think it is?
Lisa: [looks at the Therapist and thenforces a smile] I that’s my file you have in your hands and I know that man you left is here to ensure that I came so….[rests her back calmly on the seat] why act oblivious..
Therapist: [took a deep breathe] True…But then it’s part of the process that I ask this questions..Duty.
Lisa: [Looks at the Therapist and then speaks in rage with a deep voice] I am seated right here on this chair in this [looks around] Godforsaken office because the court ordered I be here
Therapist: [smiles] You seem to get angry a lot….[pause] Listen Lisa,, I have gone through a bit of your file on my way here and trust me,, I am not the enemy here… I want to help you
Lisa: I don’t need help bitch! I need a cigarette
Therapist: [smiles] it wouldn’t hurt you if we just get talking….. [pause] I want to get to know you Lisa and I want to understand why no one is on your side and why you are forced to be in my office today
Lisa: [looks at the therapist with her mouth a little wide open speechless]
Therapist: And Tomorrow…. And the day after and the day after till I get you cleaned…[pause] Atleast so the judge says
Lisa: [takes a deep breath and then looks at the Therapist] Can I have a pack of cigarette, please..
Therapist: [smiles] I could arrange that
Lisa: [shrugs her shoulders]
Therapist: [cuts in] But……..on the condition that we’ll talk.Fine with you?
Lisa: As long as it is just talking…We’ll see
Therapist: [giggles] I’ll be right back then… [Leaves the room]
Lisa: [exhales deeply with her eyes closed]………

[Louis Residence, a huge five bedroom master class duplex….. Louis comes out of his bedroom already on his sleeping robe and walks up to his son’s bedroom…He opens the door slowly and sees his five year old son David already on his bed with Arinola seated by his side cuddling him to sleep calmly…He looks at them both and smiles as he begins to recall……….]
[Louis old apartment…it’s a rainy Friday evening, Louis walks into the house looking all exhausted and then attempts to walk upstairs to his bedroom when he hears a mild sound from the guest room…he stops for a while and then walks slowly to the room.. he opens the door gently and was shocked to see his wife Lisa in bed with their gardener. The gardener being on top of her giving her all the sexual pleasures she desires as she moans in great pleasure… With a few drop of tears rolling down Louis eyes, he closes the door slowly and then sits down on the floor by the door in dismay…]
[Louis Residence…After recall, he takes a deep breath and then tries to smile as he sees his son and his fiancée together… he closes the door gently and then leaves for his room]

[Lisa’s Residence….A four bedroom duplex previously shared by her and her ex-husband Louis… Lisa walks into the house after her session with the Therapist,, she headed straight to the kitchen to have a glass of juice but then changes her mind as she walks down to the bar stand by a little corner in the dining room.. She grabs a bottle of red wine and walks upstairs heading straight to her bedroom. She comes into her bedroom and then looks around as she exhales deeply. The room is all untidy with pieces  of sharp objects  seen in a few places and has all over Louis pictures glued to every corner of the wall, a few of them together including their wedding photos…surprisingly, at a very little corner of the room contains again Louis, Arinola and David’s pictures with a marked sign ‘X’ on all the photos…Lisa walks up to that corner of the room and begins to look at all photos one after the other as tears rolled down her eyes…..She opens the bottle of red wine and drinks a lot out of it in rage as her tears turned into anger.. She begins to recall]
[A five star Restaurant….Lisa and Louis are both seated outside the restaurant by the waters having a private dinner with no one around.. Lisa is all dressed in white with her hair so tidy, her glowing looking all radiant and dazzling with her eyes all blue. The atmosphere is so warm with some cool blues being played…..Louis looks at Lisa with great smile all over his face, he is a bit overwhelmed by her presence]
Louis: [looks deeply into Lisa’s eyes] You look so beautiful…
Lisa: [tries not to blush,, she then gives a naïve look] Really? [clears throat] Umm thanks….
Louis: [smiles] And that dress,, gosh!! Can’t help but stare …..it’s beautiful
Lisa: [smiles] Thank you….
Louis: [Exhales] You’ve been not just a blessing to me but also to St.Louis as a whole… You’ve taken the clothing line to a whole new level and that’s why I appreciate you…Thank you for being there
Lisa: [looks at Louis as she shrugs her shoulders] Its ……[begins to stutter] It’s….hmm its really ….i mean I was just doing my job and I’m so glad you noticed all my designs…
Louis: [goes down on one knee as rockets begins to shoot up in the sky]
Lisa: [looks around, surprised] What’s going on here??
Louis: Just take a look at the sky Lisa…
Lisa: [looks up to the sky and was shocked to see a red writing which reads ‘ Will you marry me?’…..she opens her mouth in surprise]
Louis: [brings out an exotic diamond ring from his pocket] Would you make me the happiest man on earth by completing my dreams and being the woman by my side Lisa….
Lisa:[looks at Louis and was shocked to see him with a diamond ring ….Her hair goes on a spree and her eyes a bit cloudy with her mouth slightly open as she couldn’t say a word…….]
[Lisa’s Residence.. After recall, still standing by the corner of the room staring at the pictures, she exhales and then falls slowly to the ground in deep thoughts]

[Lisa’s Residence….The next morning,, Lisa is still on the bed snoring,, she’s had lots of red wine from last night and so dozed off…she has a bible by her side as though she read a portion before knocking out… Her phone rings, it’s the therapist . It rings for a long time repeatedly before Lisa finally wakes up…she stresses her body a bit, still exhausted, she picks her phone and without looking at the ID of the caller, answers the call]
Lisa: [speaks in a deep voice] Hello…
Therapist: [smiles] Hello Lisa…..How are you doing today?
Lisa: [surprised] Who?
Therapist: I think you are a bit late for your session today.. I’m calling to remind you just in case you’ve forgotten…[pause] am gonna be in my office waiting on you
Lisa: [exhales] Oh…it’s you..should have known no one else could call
Therapist: So when should I be expecting you??
Lisa: Be there as soon as I can lift my foot…bye [drops and then takes a deep breathe…she picks up her bible,, reads a little portion of it and then smiles] Revenge is mine oh lord…Amen [drops the bible and then heads straight to the Jacuzzi in the bathroom…she pulls off her sleeping robe and walked into the Jacuzzi.. As she enters in, she feels the edges of the Jacuzzi top and then begins to recall…]
[Paris, France…. Lisa and her lover Jason are both on a Jacuzziat an exquisite hotel presidential suite..  Caressing each other, began sharing deep sensational kisses, letting loose of themselves and being in the moment….]
[Lisa’s Residence… After recall.. Lisa still in the Jacuzzi,, she’s deep in thought as she begins to feel her skin and slowly pours water from her hands down to her shoulders………]
[….Two hours later,, Lisa walks downstairs looking all sharp and beautiful, her hair neatly put together and her heels properly balanced…she comes out of the house and then calls out for her driver with a loud voice]
Lisa: Driver…[Looks around] Driver….
Lisa’s Driver: [rushes up to her] Yes ma..
Lisa: Go start the car..we’re leaving
Lisa’s Driver: Okay….[walks up to the car, enters in and then starts it]
Lisa: [walks up to the car and then enters in as the driver drove off…….]
[Lisa’s driver is on a major road heading straight to the Therapist office when they approach a petrol station, they pull over to get petrol for the car when a newspaper vendor knocks on Lisa’s window as the driver speaks to the petrol attendant.. Lisa then pulls down the window a bit as she looks at the vendor ]
Vendor: [looks at Lisa with a smile] Good day madam… you go buy latest papers [raises one of the newspaper in her hands for Lisa]
Lisa: [looks at the paper and was shocked to see her face on the cover] What!… Give me that [grabs the paper from the vendor’s hand in anger and then looks at it……Truly, it was her on the cover page with a caption which reads ‘THE TRUE STORY OF CHEATING WIFE LISA ADENUGA’ …..As anger gets worse,, she threw the paper at the vendor and pulls up the window.. she looks at the driver] Drive this car
Lisa’s driver: okay ma….[starts the car and then drove off]
Lisa: [takes a deep breath as she feels more relieved] Umm driver…sadly I have to tell you this but I don’t think I can afford you anymore… Today is gonna be your last day driving me. I could do it on my own.. I’m sorry.
Lisa’s driver: [giggles] You don’t have to be sorry madam…. In fact,thank God you are telling me this and not me madam because I had already planned on telling you I could no longer drive you madam..
Lisa: [surprised] oh really?
Lisa’s driver: Yes ma so Thank God…..
Lisa: [Exhales deeply as she felt a bit of loneliness.. she then looks at the window as tears begin to roll down her eyes………]

[The Therapist’s office…..Lisa and the Therapist are both seated close to each other on opposite side…with a warm smile on the Therapist’s face,, she looks at Lisa]
Therapist: How are you doing today Lisa……
Lisa: [shrugs her shoulders] How else should I be? [pause] Exhausted…Helpless..
Therapist: [nods her head] I could understand that…. Reason why you should talk about it
Lisa: [looks at the Therapist] What exactly…
Therapist: Why don’t we start from the very beginning…your childhood [pause] Tell me about your childhood
Lisa: Nothing special about my childhood…  was basically an indoor kid.. Home, church, school and back home.. My parents ensured I stay home.. I never left home till I entered the university
Therapist: can you think of anything exciting? Something that connects your childhood to your present..something you did or watched,, maybe enjoyed seeing..
Lisa: [Exhales deeply] Yes….[picks up a smile] yes..[ looks at the Therapist] My parents…Their wonderful love story
Therapist: [nods her head with a smile]
Lisa: They made their love affair so public and I was there to watch every moment…Forgetting the fact that a little daughter was somewhere in the house, watching.. They would have sex everywhere.. Kitchen, Bath top,, Bed,, couch,, floor…[got irritated] Every Godforsaken place [pause and then smiles] But then I got to love every moment and I so wished my love story was as as theirs….. I read my bible, prayed to God and never had any ungodly affair because I wanted everything to be perfect just like mama said, ‘your body is the temple of God so keep it holy’ ………I leaned on that verse for a long long time until [smiles] Louis came knocking…
Therapist: [looks at Lisa with as she forces a smile and remains speechless…….]

[Lisa’s Residence…Lisa is seated on her bed reading a portion of her bible with a dim light when she stumbles on a passage,, she reads it aloud….]
Lisa: Deuteronomy 32:35 ‘Vengeance is Mine, and retribution, in due time their foot will slip [gets angry] For the day of their calamity is near, and the impending things are hastening upon them…. Verse 41 ‘If I sharpen my flashing sword, And my hands hold on justice, I will render vengeance on my adversaries and I will repay those who hate me…I will make my arrows drunk with blood and my sword will devour flesh….[exhales deeply…she closes her bible and then gets caught up in deep thought for a minute…she snaps out of it afterwards, switches off the light by her side and then goes to sleep…..]

[St. Louis…A three storey building company owned by Louis Adenuga, it comprises of all Louis business {his clothing lines, his shoe making factory, hat stores and other varieties.. Louis is on the landline in his office speaking to one of his clients when his personal phone rings… it’sArinola calling]
Louis: [takes a deep breathe] Alright ,, that won’t be a problem.. I’ll get back to you on that… sure [pause] I really have to hang up now,, yea.. Thanks. Bye [drops the call and then picks up his phone.. He looks at the caller with a smile on his face] Hello baby…How…..
Arinola: [cuts in with a distressed voice] Louis….Louis [burst into tears] David..
Louis: [surprised] what’s going on?
Arionla: We can’t find David…..[pause] The school can’t find David…I think he’s been kidnapped
Louis: [opens his mouth in shock] What…[drops the phone slowly from his ears in dismay………..]

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  1. Loving this already… Kudos to the writer

    by Boss on Jul 31, 2018 at 5:48 am Reply

  2. Site admin How do i get the next episode pls?

    by Kelly on Jul 31, 2018 at 6:11 am Reply

    • Hyy guys.. .thanks alot for the comments.. You can get the next episode now @okadabooks.com it’s available now.. .thanks and I hope to get ur comments on that as well.. If you have a problem subscribing to the site, u could reach me on Ig @Danni_fresh

      by Boss on Jul 31, 2018 at 6:52 am Reply

  3. admin how do we get the next episode, i just hope there is? Kudos Dani

    by Williams Akintoye on Jul 31, 2018 at 6:16 am Reply

    • Hyy guys.. .thanks alot for the comments.. You can get the next episode now @okadabooks.com it’s available now.. .thanks and I hope to get ur comments on that as well.. If you have a problem subscribing to the site, u could reach me on Ig @Danni_fresh

      by Boss on Jul 31, 2018 at 6:51 am Reply

  4. Hyy guys.. .thanks alot for the comments.. You can get the next episode now @okadabooks.com it’s available now.. .thanks and I hope to get ur comments on that as well.. If you have a problem subscribing to the site, u could reach me on Ig @Danni_fresh

    by Anonymous on Jul 31, 2018 at 6:22 am Reply

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