Guy Sets Up Beautiful Lady For His Girlfriend & Her Gang To Beat Up So He Can Prove His Love For His Girlfriend


Guy Sets Up Lady For His Girlfriend & Gang To Beat Up So He Can Prove His Love For His Girlfriend.A new video has caused an outrage on social media shows a lady being physically assaulted by another lady and gang…

The assaulted lady was set up by a guy who presumably had feelings for and so, he set up a meeting with and in course of this, allowed his girlfriend assault the lady so he can prove his loyalty to his girlfriend.

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People have been outraged about what the guy and his so-called girlfriend did to the innocent young girl and have called for authorities to deal with them for physically assaulting the girl.

The Lady who was assaulted!

Judging from comments picked on Social media, it’s speculated the guy promised the girl some money, so he asked to come visit him at home only for the girl to get to his house to be beaten by his real girlfriend and friends.

In the video, his girlfriend is heard asking;

What are you doing here? Don’t you know he’s my boyfriend?– then slaps the girl

The young girl who was surprised and in shock replies; “Oh he’s just my friend and I came to visit him

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Watch the video below:



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