Weddings are meant to be that very special day you’ve waited your whole life for, you’d definitely do anything to make that day special yeah? But when the ceremony seems to want to clash with the education you’ve been pursuing for years, what do you do ?!

A lady, a student of Benue State University, Level 300, found herself at that cross road and her response to it is quite awing for every one . The lady, Identified as, Dooshima Kusugh unfortunately had her exam on her wedding day and she who presumably has a flair for her education, won’t let her ceremony hinder it.

It’s quite shocking to everyone cause the said lady took to the exam hall in her wedding dress to sit for her exams when she could’ve been having the time of her life on her special day.

But thinking about it, it’s a ceremony for guests to eat and drink and felicitate with the couple yeah? but the real ceremony will be her marital life with her husband, so maybe leaving the ceremony for an hour or so won’t bite that much or would it?

And judging from the photos, she seems to not be the only having her exam that day cause her bridesmaids who are seen in purple “with pen”, were also probably waiting for the same paper.

Whatever her story is, we’d definitely like to hear… but we know for sure that this lady cherishes her education! All the best to her!



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