Actress Felicia Fred

A look at the budding career of Actress Felicia Fred, one can easily see that it has all the trappings of a mega star in the making.

First, the career of the twenty four year old began on a high as her first role was a lead in the movie “ghost lover” .

Now just two years later the actress who has a body boys are dying to touch and girl are jealous of, has acted in over eight movies and inked an endorsement deal with an energy drink.

Her growing popularity is evident in the number of followers she has on instagram. The petite model and actress has a whopping seven hundred thousand followers. Now that is a feet for any face in Nollywood. How did she achieve this height?

I have been on Instagram for five years now. When I joined I took my cue from people like Kim Kardarsian, and a lot of UK models; the way they dance, video themselves, doing a lot of musical stuffs and people go there and start commenting, saying nice things and I said to myself, ‘I can do this’ and when I did people got attracted to my page.

My followers are not only Nigerians, they are from everywhere in the world, because I dance and it attracts them. When I dance, it is not traditionally, I can move my body in all sorts of ways so they got interested and then, I post quality pictures. Sometimes,..

“I wouldn’t lie; I have shown a bit of my b*obs not the full b**bs though.

If you go through my profile there are some pictures that show my cleavage; though that was in the past, mostly in 2013. I did this twerk video and that very day I got 10,000 followers on Instagram”.

The actress who says the nicest comment she has ever received from some is ‘Felicia Fred you’re so blessed, you’re slim and have nice boobs” was asked between Love, sex and marriage which more important to her she said “To me its money, because when you have love and you don’t have money it fades, it dies, you can’t sustain it.

The country is hard, the economy is hard, and everything is money. For sex, it is not important to me because it can’t be my interest where money is.”



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