“I’m a bitcoin trader and not a Yahoo Boy” – Nigerian Big Boy Defends Himself, Threatens To Share Screenshots Of N80k Transaction To SARS Officials (Video)

Nigerian Big Boy Threatens SARS Officials, Yesterday, we brought you reports of a young Nigerian man, Star Alexzy Markson who reportedly claimed that “Yahoo Yahoo saved his life”.

Nigerian Big Boy Threatens SARS Officials

He took to social media to complain bitterly about SARS harassment, and added that the authorities should focus on corrupt Politicians, instead of arresting the youths who are only trying to make ends meet.

He also shared a video which is currently making rounds on social media, saying “Yahoo Yahoo Saved My life, if not of Yahoo, Millions of Nigerian Youths would be pushing wheelbarrows or be armed robbers, Sars Police should stop disturbing us”.

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Posting another video on his Facebook page, Alexzy debunked reports that he’s a scammer, saying he’s a successful investor who is into Bitcoin.

In the video, he also accused the SARS police of assaulting him in Auchi, after they stopped him and saw an Apple Laptop, which he uses to monitor his bitcoin. For the safety of his life, the angry young man said he made a transfer of N80,000 to the SARS operatives to regain his freedom.

To back up his claims, Markson says he will release the screenshots of the alleged N80K transaction to the SARS Police

Watch the new video below:

Nigerian Big Boy Threatens SARS Officials