“My farts smells so good” — Nigerian Lady reveals

One Mirian Law decided to spill her little secret to her followers and really, the secret was quite interesting that it went viral online.

So Mirian, is letting her followers know that she’s so blessed that most forms of excretion from her body can be utilized for bodily uses.

Her fart can be used as fragrance, her faeces can be used for the skin and her urine as hair cream… wow!

Read what she wrote:

“Let me reveal this little secret about me, My mess smells so good like designer perfumes, if I sh-t y’all can rob it as cream because my sh-t is so soft and nutritious, y’all can use my urine as hair cream or baby oil because it’s silk and moisturizing.. This is the truth about me. #TooFrosh TGIF”

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