So, yesterday, an Instagram user took to her page to blast the hell out of Singer, Davido.. Apparently, she stumbled on a photoshopped tweet, where it was alleged that Davido told Biafrans to fcuk away, as his Billionaire can buy the whole of Igbo Lands.

These tweets were photoshopped, as this statement never came from the singer.. A statement he has since denied here.

The Instagram user got fooled of course, and then she took to her page to blast the hell of the singer, she wrote;

Yet it couldn’t buy u some sense. Motherfucker# u all saying stupid tins to me. I say fuck u & ur generation. Before u say some shit to me,go get this motherfucker some sense. U dogs following him around I’m talking to u dirty black asses.

As if that wasn’t all, she went to the singer’s DM, and sent him

She wrote:

Davido u don fuck up big time. u where my best musician but right now I hate you with passion. Stop this your childish talk. My father this my father that. Can you start saying my this my that instead of my father this and that. Stop hiding behind your father. Stop being a kid and make yourself a man. didn’t know you are this foolish.

Davido responded to her of course, he wrote: “MY BODY MY MONEY NAH YOUR OWN OH. AUNTY GO SLEEP”.. Then he took to his Snapchat to rant a little about how he doesn’t give a F** on people’s opinion about.

See how it played out below;




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