Joke Jigan, a well-known actress in Yoruba movies, has recently published a new post on Instagram in which she flaunts the dramatic change in her appearance that she has undergone. She shared two different pictures of herself on her Instagram page, each of which demonstrated how drastically she has over the course of the past several years.

As soon as they saw her new post, the vast majority of her followers were unable to contain their excitement and responded swiftly to her page. The star made the decision to present two different photographs of herself, one from her past in which she had a darker complexion and appeared to be younger, and another from more recently in which she had a lighter complexion and appeared to be more mature.

She was seen in her old picture donning a round-neck top, a cap, and black leggings; in her new picture, she wore a gown and a beautiful hairstyle. In the old picture, she was seen wearing black leggings.

It is very simple to identify the changes that have taken place in her appearance between the two pictures, which is natural given that transformation is something that is ongoing and can take place at any time. As a result of the actress’s versatility, she has become a well-known figure in the Yoruba film industry. Her versatility has contributed to her rise to prominence in this industry.

Several of the people who read the post were impressed by how much she has over the years, and they complimented her by leaving positive comments on her page. These people expressed their admiration for her.




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