Do you need a miracle? A miracle is when God intercepts the natural progression of a situation and turns it completely around for victory and so that he may be glorified. Here we have seen God answer people’s prayers and make his power available to those who believe.

Jesus said: “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” So let us stand with you in agreement and see you receive your miracle!

Submit your prayer request here and our committed prayer team will pray for you.


  1. I need god to give me a financial breakthrough and a record deal from one of the top music industry in Nigeria or America and I and my family we always give him all the glory amen

    Hello man of God my name is miss Rohan makeba Stewart
    I am struggling with immigration problems for 20 years now I lived in the U.K. n I’m restricted from working m from freedom, I have not travel for 20 year now when all my children travel I cannot n is me being all of my family not children to this country until I become grandmothers to my children’s children
    Man of God I speak into my life this year will be final
    Year it most over INJN immigration U.K. always turn me down
    I asking you please help me pray I have a trial again in April 5 /20 18 I got to churche I’m a true believer in Christ Jesus an he never fail thank you man of God may God continue to blessed n keep you n family’s amen 🙏🏿

  3. First let us give the Lord thanks for the abundance of all things.Please pray that the Lord would deliver his people from evil men; That the Lord would preserve his people from violent men, who plan evil things in their heart and stir up wars continually. Pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism hatred and violence. Please pray and intercede without ceasing that God’s will be done in the lives of the world’s leaders and for our leaders to seek God and listen to Him. Pray that they would be surrounded by godly counsel and, that our leadership would personally know God and the salvation found through faith in Jesus Christ alone. That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. God can turn the hearts of kings. Earnestly pray that the people of America and its leaders will humble themselves and seek the Lords face and turn from their wicked ways. Pray that the Lord would hear from heaven and forgive our countries sins and heal our land. God Bless America Pray that the Lord would grant peace in America, that we may lie down and no one will make us afraid. That the Lord would remove wild beasts from the land, and that the sword will not pass through our country and that President Trump along with our leaders be filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might to declare the sins of Gods people. Please pray for revival and that the Lord would pour out his spirit on his servants, throughout the world both men and women. Pray for the peace of Israel. Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.In Jesus Name, Amen.

  4. My request from God are,need a good job to run a professional course and also bless the man that will be made my husband,help me to scattered so I can be increase

  5. my request from God are,i want GOD to take over my life,i need a befitting job,i need a woman that is GOD fearing.

  6. Pray for me and family our glory is given to anybody else and that our house project is completed this year

  7. Pray for me and family our glory is not given to anybody else and that our house project is completed this year

  8. ma demande de prière est que Dieu le seigneur JÉSUS nous aide à réaliser notre mariage de dote ma femme monelle kemami betina et sue l’Éternel nous délivre de la faim et nous donnes un emploi miraculeux dans le glorieux nom de Jesus afin que nos ennemis soient tous dans la honte Amen Au nom de Jesus Christ

  9. Firstly i want to thank God for the gift of life and also ask for forgiveness of since. I need a total liberation from the bondage of the enemies.i need a miracle to happen in my life.i need to be successful in a young youth at 20 but i need God almighty to bless me financially so that i can also help the poor.

  10. Firstly i want to thank God for the gift of life and also ask for forgiveness of sins. I need a total liberation from the bondage of the enemies.i need a miracle to happen in my life.i need to be successful in a young youth at 20 but i need God almighty to bless me financially so that i can also help the poor.

  11. Pray for me and my family let God open door of blessing, prosperity, promotion, connection, good health and in my Education.

  12. I need God intervasion in my life and my family up liftement Divine collection favour success promotion good health healing total recovery in very activities of my life breakthrough and a excell deliverance

  13. Good morning brethren . I need a devine intervention in my family. We suffer from anti marriage from the elders who are over 60 to the youthful generation. Pray for me against limitation in progress and spiritual husband, pray for me that I may be able to serve the living God

  14. Thank you Pastor for this opportunity, I believe in You and with the power of your Prayers together with your people. My prayer request; to have 5,000 Sante Barley Worldwide Godhart direct leaders in my Account San155783132 to help people live better lives, earn multiple blessings till death do us part , in Jesus name Amen…

  15. I want to have mercy on me,he should give me sound health,he should provide for all my needs infuly,he should provide a better job for me a job that I will able to be going to church

  16. I need a financial breakthrough in my family and in the life of my fiancy.let God destroy every spirit of stagnancy in our lives and give us a divine connection. we have been trying to see if we can get married but hw can it b wen we feed 4rm hand to mouth and d enemies have sworn never to us prosper pls let God turn things around 4 us 4 good amen

  17. man of God I seriously need finance to start a business.
    And I believe in God that he is going to make a way where seems to be no way.
    May the name of the Lord be glorify.

  18. I have always being a born again christian but i keep on backslideing and asking God why me all the tyme stagnation in mylife no progress at all no job’fiance’i have given up no faith anymore trust in God for the pain and sins that i have done against my saviour truely i wount God to see me through so that i can see his mighty greatness and wonders and miracles in mylife for i have been a laughing stock for my enemies let God to give me a new name and deliver me from all the past.

  19. I need financial breakthrough in my family, God to bless my husband and deliver my son gideon so that he will speak will others, and promote me in my business

  20. I pray for a complete turn around of divine favour open door of financial breakthrough and abundance,good health,
    breakthrough and spiritual growth and wisdom.ln Jesus name

  21. My prayer point is financial break through and promotion in my job sit man of God help me because thing are not really moving with me here

  22. God we thank you for the great things you’ve done f my family. We pray for financial breakthrough, favour, blessings in this month of December. We pray in Jesus name. Amen

  23. God help to gained promotion or secure good job as well my brother who r jobless. Restored peace in home and the opii’s family. As we head to 2019 God blessing and favour are my humble prayers

  24. Help oh lord for good job anf financial breakthrough. Restaurants d peace in my household and opii’s family. Grant job opportunity to my siblings

  25. Financial breakthrough in my marriage and all spirit of backwardness,stagnation,delay and last minute abortion of financial breakthrough to be defeated in my marriage…in Jesus name

  26. I pray for Good job ,financial breakthrough, restored peace in my home and family,provide job for my siblings and Good health to every God servant

  27. God grant me with a well paying job, excellent working conditions and good package. Good health, my projects to succeed. I want my kids to succeed in life and my husband also.

  28. Pray for prosperity over my family and a finacial break through..praying for strenght and the the right thibgs god asked us to do..

  29. Daddy G.O am ur member in uyo .I want God to give me a good husband and he shed give long life a good home .I want next year to be a year for me .I need many things from him.may God grand all wishes for in Jesus name amen

  30. I request for success in my past UACE exams and I request God to give my parents a financial blast I also pray to get a good job this week for my vacation..I thank God for my life,Dawn so far..Amen with Thanksgiving.

  31. lord i dnt want to b delayed again nd i want a financial breakthrough nd i dnt want to b in the same position i want to move forward in my life

  32. Hello man of God my name is Joy Maduagwu pls pray4 God miracle upon my sisters life concerning her womb she has been carrying fybriod n she has been bleeding heavily for years now n she can’t conceive n also good contract business with attractive pay to her husband, myself,my brothers,my future husband to b n also good health n longlyf to mum,siblings n my future husband to b family n pls man of God summarize this prayer with blessing,favor,protection,wisdom, knowledge, understanding upon d life of maduagwu family, Njaka family n ironsi family so shall it b with faith in Jesus Name Amen my 2019 my year of miracles,greater testimony n prayer answered by God

  33. God should make me source of blessings from this generation, and use my name to announce the glory of my family.

  34. Pastor please pray for my financial need and help me to resolve all my debts. I want to win the lottery for my financial needs.

  35. I am poor and needs,I needs more prayers to saved my life.I am now 30/years old.and my ears is not hearings very well,


  37. Am tired of being home. I lost my Job and I need to get it back by Gods grace. Am tired of poverty I need to blessed financially. I need my car back cause some one caused an accident and it went off road tho it did not kill anyone.

  38. Lord Jesus as am starting searching for the new job in the middle of January 2019, easier it for me to get agood job with good money/salary so that I can fulfill my needs and also to support the needy Amen.

  39. God it’s long time am not seeing my periods, please lord do me a favour i need to see my periods am not able know to receive prignant,many people have hope in me and I can’t work in this country with prignant thought I prayed to get aman but i don’t need to be prignant know.amen

  40. Pray for me man of God to go into my periods because am scared because I can’t work in this country with prignant and many people have hope in me so i need to work to fulfill my needs and to help the needy thought I was praying to get aman yes I got him but it’s too early to get pregnant.soGod help me to see my periods again amen.

  41. We need prayers for a new home a car for us and the kids my kids my financial a new job for my boyfriend too all the bills off the house get pay I believe in God and I got faith amen

  42. God I just want peace, happiness, forgiveness, faith in you and with you, I just want to make it in life to where I don’t have to worry about anything, Amen

  43. Financial breakthrough, I want to become a landlord, pay all my depts, get closer to God, my family and I should be protected by God Angels, always, I want to become very rich, my hands will never labour in vain,

  44. I want God Almighty to move me forward in whatever I lay my hands,and to be prospered.also my son and my husband to have fulfilment and glory of God to shine upon them,father let my business to be announced to those that I will benefit from them and also to be more productive, father move me and my family forward ijmn


  46. God please heal me from sickness and diseases. Connect me to favour in all I lay my hands on in Jesus name Amen

  47. I pray that God should give me my own Husband,God should provide a good job as am passing out from NYSC next week.All so God should protect I and every member of my Family.All so God should draw us closer to himself in Jesus name Amen

  48. I need God to locate Me in Dubai before my visa expired,let my destiny Helper locate Me with good work in Jesus name amen.

  49. I have been confused chooseing who to marry. Confused in choose making on wife to marry .please pray for me.

  50. I pray that God should give a stop to this in my life.promise and failed.familywar,baddreams,sturborn hearth and mind,sufferin,problem,hatred,sickness,thinking,sorrow mind,setback,miscarriage.and give mi this.mercy favour marital settlement.finacial breakthrough protection.loose of bondages.fruit of of mind long life in good condition.promotion good life money unexpected blessings in Jesus mighty name Amen

  51. Trusting God for a Divine Financial Breakthrough for my Cake Business and Missionary Counseling Ministry and Divine Traveling Opportunities from God. Amen. Peaceful marriage as well.

  52. I want God provide me with a permanent highly paying job by the end of this year as well as better grades in my last done exams. Thank yu partor ..may God continue to bless you .

  53. Oh GOD please i want to be somebody in live let me break that record in our family as no body is progracing in our family oh GOD please late anything i lee my hand prospe in the NAME OF JESUS AMEN. SO SHALL IT BE

  54. May God lift my life and push me out of my enemies,and let surprise follow me this year.and also protect my family,bless my family,bless me because am their first son

  55. OH LORD I pray for long life and more money and record bracker pease oh GOD I want to brack record in our family as No nobody have make it, in our family late every one from today everybody make it.

  56. I want the lord to bless me with admission on the next coming third list , also protect me, my families and loved ones, bless my parents businesses, remember me in his kingdom, destroy all evil in my life my families and loved ones, in jesus mighty name, amen

  57. Dear Lord GOD I need your Divine presence in my life,and separate me from anything that will separate me from you Lord.And I need your wisdom to do your will diligently
    Lord your Divine presence in the life of my aunty ESI father touch her so that she can be born again.
    financial breakthrough and bless my mum and my grandmother
    I really love GOD I wise DADDY can call me cause I really need help from him cause he carries the Divine presence of GOD here is my number

  58. LORD God I need your divine presence,
    Separate me from anything that will separate me from you
    Touch my aunty life so that she can be born again
    Bless my mum and my grandmother
    And financial breakthrough and wisdom from you Lord God pls help me with evil thinks I need it to stop heart to love and to give to needy in pure heart Wit saying to anyone

  59. I want to thank god for every thing and i want god to do a very big miracle in My life and in My mum died on the 20th of octomber 2018.since then i have not being happy. I want god to raise her from the dead and being her back to life. With god all things are possible.

  60. My prayer request… good health to my family and have strong faith w/God.and parents and my relatives have a faith w/God. And secondly house and lot. And a brand new car..and financial blessings.. have a happy family and last all off my children are get a professional someday.. ..amen…

  61. My prayer request good health to my family and long life.I signed a business contract and some one wants to turn the contract and give to someone I want God to give to me.l stay in a rented house i want to give me money to buy plots and build mansion for my family and anyone who wants to stay with me.In fact i need money to help my family and the needy ones in the name of Jesus Amen

  62. I need god to intervene in my travelling process because I have already done my international passport and my brother wants to help me with the visas and said I should look for the money for tucket brother is living in dubai and wanted to come over.

  63. Successfully in every thing I lay my hands on more business, my hands will never labour in vain , Gods protection over my family and I everyday

  64. Please pray for my dad’s debts to be settled…I pray for God’s Grace to see me and my family through our lives…in Jesus name…Amen

  65. My prayer request.. remove me from bondage and homelessness. Enlarge my territory so that I can provide for myself and my 5 children without struggling. In need of everything in life right now but I’m thankful for what I have.

  66. I want mercy,favour,freedom,knowledge and understanding from God now and forever more (Amen)
    I want every fruit that comes out of me to be a blessing to the Lord,me,my family and nations ijmn (Amen)

  67. I want mercy,favour,freedom,knowledge and understanding from God now and forever more (Amen)
    I want every fruit that comes out of me to be a blessing to the Lord,me,my family and nations ijmn (Amen)

  68. I need spiritual breakthrough, financial breakthrough and physicaly the favour of GOD to manifesty by his glory before the month end and i believe after your prayer i should recieve an invitation call. May GOD give me what i want through your prayer amen. My whatsapp lin is 0965138266 OR 0972808446

  69. My requests are
    1. Lord help me to worship U the way it pleases U.
    2. LORD, resuscitate me.
    3. Lord, bless my life physically and spiritually that I may be a blessing to my generation.

  70. I pray for all the big big things Daddy asked that we pray, asked and lay at the feet of Christ, at the camp ground. These included my withheld due entitlements and security of my children’s future. And That God will return my captivity. How shall I sing the Lord’s song in a foreign land ? And also that the Lord will whip my tormentors who refused to stop their wickedness.

  71. Pray for me man of God to get a job which can pay me money two times more than what am getting and also need grace and blessings from God, glory be to God.

  72. I really need abig change to my life, financially need to get a job which can pay me more money than what am getting multiply by two times in the name of Jesus Christ.

  73. Please pray for me for life partner that the one coming home this december will eventually come home that any plan of the enemy in form of delay or travel will be shattered and nullified through Jesus mighty name Amen

  74. I need financial breaktrough. I’ve SO many debts. Need divine health. Need divine protection for my children and i. Financial miracle. I need my children to Prosper in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen

  75. Pls pray for me I need some to buy a big house I want a big house and car and my family to be loose in the spirit of witches and wizards,we stay to my late mother in law house,the family want this place👆

  76. I want god to finish what he has started doing in my life concerning my admission into fuoye…… Because he’s able

  77. Pastor, please for me for my good health of my family,for safety always,stable finance for my family,i want to get married already,to get good job and good salary.thank you! In Jesus name, Amen!

  78. I want God to change my family story, level in Jesus mighty name 2 I want God to grant me financial turnaround favour in my family 3 I want God to bless me and make me tobe a blessing to others

  79. Man of God please l need miracle money to pay my Dept and re-established my business please pray for me..
    My WhatsApp number+233543237238

  80. Oh Lord My God. I pray that you give me more of you and take more of me. I’ll be from every disease that is eating me up. Bless and protect my loved ones and curse me to serve you more. In Jesus name, Amen.

  81. Oh Lord My God! I pray and I decree good health for myself and my family and every sickness and disease eating me up physically let it disappear from my body. I ask that you bless me financially through my hand work. Take me to higher places internationally. Take more of me and give me more of you. Fill me with your spirit and to serve you with all of my heart,to have faith in you. Thank you everlasting Father, in Jesus name. Amen.

  82. I want God Mercy should speak in any area of my life Want him to release wisdom knowledge and understanding on me I want to be among the success candidate that pass the exam in MLT His will be done in my life By time I settled down I want to settled down with the Right Man breakthrough in my life I want to be Great, Wealth,Rich,Famous,Successful,Long life and prosperity,with the Beautiful and handsome children with the Man Of My Dream in life

  83. I need God long life to enjoy my God blessing in my life and supernatural breakthrough and good husband who fear God nest leael I won’t lord

  84. My prayers request are, I want God Almighty to make me rich financially and Good health and to also heal my mum,Mrs Ruth Christopher from the illness she is suffering into for long term now in Jesus name Amen


  86. I need a well paying job that I’m not academically qualified for and will also allow me to serve God.
    Or if God can favor me to travel to Europe,i will be very happy. Thanks so much.

  87. God should bless me and my husband financially,all our lost glory shall be restored before the end of this year and God should grant me and my family good health and long life to enjoy our wealth in Jesus mighty name Amen

  88. hello how you doing man I’m trying to get a I have a real pool in my family so I’m trying to give you some money for you to hell

  89. I’m in need of prayer to find a home for me and my son. We have been evicted from our home of 15 years. I’m having to put our stuff in storage until I can find I place we can afford on a housekeeper’s salary my ex husband left me owing 6 months of back mortgage that I didn’t know we owed. If I can’t find a place that I can afford we’ll be sleeping in my van for awhile. My ex doesn’t help in any financial way so its taking everything I make to put all our stuff in storage. Here where I live the hours get cut at work because they can’t afford to keep a full staff all winter. I get paid every two weeks. So I will most likely be the summer before I have enough money saved to find a place and then I’ll have to wait until winter to find anything because then the rent goes down a little it is hard to find anything here that is year round on rent. I pray every night for the good lord keep me strong to get through this. I’m Jesus name amen.

  90. Oh Lord Grant I my wife and children the grace to do your will. Father please give my wife twins baby boys. Father please let my Elijah locate me as Elijah locate elisha in Jesus name Amen. Father please let my Samuel locate me as he located David that I may began the journey in Jesus name Amen. Father let my helpers look for me and may they find me and not miss there way in Jesus name Amen. Father let all my dreams come through like the case of Joseph in Jesus name Amen. Father please make my miracle begin this year in Jesus name Amen. Father please silent my mockers with an everlasting miracle in Jesus name Amen. Father may this year not end without me testifying of ur breakthrough in Jesus name Amen. Thank u Lord because I know as the prayer will be made u will hear and answer us in Jesus mighty name Amen.

  91. I want God to help touch my Father’s heart to come find me cause have not seen him for like 20 years now i want God to bring us together and my kid brother and i also want God help me so that i can start Saving cause i can’t save and have tried serverally to save but couldn’t i really need God’s intervention in my life please

  92. I thank God for giving me the grace of been alife I bless is holy name for calling me out of the foolishness of the world, I gave honour to his name,God forgive me all my sins, oh lord my God I need your divine intervasion in my life and in the life of my fiance and my family up liftement Divine collection, favour, success, promotion, good health, healing total recovery in very activities of my life breakthrough and total deliverance from the bandage of the evil men’s, and God wills why he created me should be fulfill
    In my life in Jesus name Amen

  93. Oh lord thank you for all you blessings daily and for loving me..forgive me for my sins!
    I love you lord and need you lord..I need your comfort in my heart and in my home.i have big financial problems and can’t get Thur I have be struggling with this and need a break though.there nothing I can do and at my end of rope.i can’t help myself I’m so lost no one knows my pain my family is under my roof and I have let everyone down…I don’t know how to deal with this!i have let my family down before and new doors opened but I fail again!! Please lord bless me help me guide me and help me get Thur this hardships!

  94. Divine protection and security for my brothers and sisters and in laws, fruit of the womb formy sisters and brothers wife’s favour before my helper and life Partner in JN

  95. Pray for the healing of my wife she had a stroke one left side of her part is moving meaning not working ,pray for my promotion and gud health ,pray my children for progress,pray for my financially in my live,pray me God will me give me my own House,pray for God to give my own car,pray for the spirit of God to fall on my life,God bless all Tanx.

  96. Pray for my home that God should settle dispute between me and my husband,God should touch his heart and we should have financial breakthrough in Jesus mighty name Amen

  97. Pray for the healing of my wife she had a stroke one left side of her part is moving meaning not working ,pray for my promotion and gud health ,pray my children for progress,pray for my financially in my live,pray me God will me give me my own House,pray for God to give my own car,pray for the spirit of God to fall on my life,God bless all Tanx.

  98. I want god almighty to give me financial break through and healthy life through the name of Jesus Christ and I want god to bless me in the mighty name of Jesus

  99. My prayer is that God should make me a divine choice and that the Glory ahead begins to manifest now to silence all my most mockers in the name of JESUS .Amen.

  100. God should settle dispute between me and my husband,God should touch his heart wipe away my tears,make peace in my home and settle us financially Amen

  101. Please man of God play for me and my family there spirit of premature death,failier joblesness bad luck stagnation luck of cooperation,sickle cell in my two sons .please God help us

  102. Good evening man of God. I need a prayer for a financial blessing. I have been struggling so much with debts and I feel so helpless and useless when I cannot provide for my family because my debts are pulling me down. I have prayed for a miracle for years now just so that I can settle my debts and be happy and for my salary to be increased or to get a higher position in my field of work.

  103. My prayer is that first l thank God for all his goodness in my life n family,also the good Lord should transform my story from zero to glory has did in the life of Obededom.Amen please o Lord remember me n my family.

  104. Am not worthy to receive you in my heart my father.. My father but I believe if you only say a word for me then my life will change.. I will be a great Artist star and I will help mostly the needlings..Amen

  105. I am praying for a job . For an increase in faith , financial breakthrough and a a strong bond in my relationship . I also pray for spiritual uplifting and for the grace of God to find me worthy where my sins limits me .

  106. Father in the name of Jesus, connect me to my life partner, the lady that will accept my love for your And I will husband her and she will wife.

  107. Hi man of God deliver me m suffering from the spirit of witches m nothing I have a big family I need a big house and a car Daddy

  108. My is dat i want God to suprise me and my family with a wondrous thing before the end of this year and i want God to shower his everlasting joy,peace,blessing,mercy&grace upon my family this year in Jesus Name Amen

  109. I need a miracle I have a disabled son and a daughter just had a baby I lost a son two years ago I have a job but I only make enough to pay the bills half the time my car doesn’t work so I have to walk to work I live in a place where they are terrain down I don’t have enough money to move half the time we don’t have enough to eat I can’t even buy Christmas my kids told me as long as we are together that’s all that count’s I am thankful for what I have in Jesus name Amen

  110. Ohh God give me the grace to serve you in the spirit and truth and destroy power of poverty in my life
    Give me a divine connection and good health

  111. I need a prayer for my sister to get a place at Namugongo for me to be sworn in as lord councilor winning the court case and to get married on time

  112. I need the miracle of God I’m looking forward give away my poverty and lack of money please god show mr your miracle I’m waiting for it

  113. For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; ‘he will lead them to springs of living water.’‘And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.’ ”

  114. I need prayers that God should set me free n remember to favor me n his will should be done in my life I shouldn’t work in vain

  115. I want God to help me in my result of this first semester .I want God to give my family a good upgrade,I want God to increase my brain and finally I want God to give the UCL cup to juventus.

  116. I want a breakthrough of document and settling down for a marriage..I want God to destroy my enemies. Every evil woman from my father or family’s house. Every woman who don’t want my peace,my moving forward. Holy ghost fire consume in Jesus name Amen..

  117. Father in the name JESUS My prayer is that first l thank God for all his goodness in my life n family,also the good Lord should transform my story from zero to glory has did in the life of Obededom.I pray for financial breakthrough on my husband please help me touch my husband life make him head not the tail let his helper locate him father Lord show him the way to his success open the door ofor happiness show him the road to his success in JESUS mighty name is pray (AMEN)

  118. I prayed for divine connection and I pray my helper should locate me wherever he/she is…
    And everything I laid my hand on this week shall prosper, God should protect me and my family from all evil and his grace shall locate us..

  119. I pray for Gods intervention in my life ,that of my family. For his divine breakthrough and open doors …let him shower his blessings upon my family.. We have suffered enough!!

  120. I was recently told that I have to be tested for cancer the doctor solaw some abnormalities in my cervix and said it enflamed I would also like for u to pray for so I can find enough to do the necessary test and I want thank u for praying for me ok pray for me pastor so that my economic struggling will be over pray for that I will not have cancer pray for me so that I can have another child pray for that my pcos will get better pray for me so I can learn to praise God more pray for that if all my prayers are answered I’ll remember u and my God and saviour thank you pastor

  121. I wish to pray my younger brother to make healing from thier mild stroke and qnd mental illness almost a 3years until thats he need help us he suffer me and my sister it was supply thier needs of maintenance of medicine . and i hope he will become to be cured from the bed of ellness i allways pray for them to the Lord in Jesus them Amem thank you so I recieved now.

  122. I pray that God should fight those who is fighting again me, and also return death to those who want me to die before my time, also bless me with my own husband so that people will know that i serve the living God.

  123. Daddy I want God to bless me with a responsible job, finical brake through and to release my results Every hand holding my result and delay in my NYSC and marriage for me and my elder sisters in Jesus Christ name.

  124. I need God to give me financial brake though
    And God to deliver my wife self and sound
    God to give me the grace to over come all my enimes in Jesus name

  125. No matter how I want to make heaven.i want wisdom knowledge understand from God me ND my children.i want God to give me break through over my enemies. I want people to celebrate me this year.i want God to direct me in all I do.I want God protection over me ND my children my family

  126. No matter how I want to make heaven.i want wisdom knowledge understand from God me ND my children.i want God to give me break through over my enemies. I want people to celebrate me this year.i want God to direct me in all I do.I want God protection over me ND my children my family

  127. Lord have mercy on me and send my helper to me, and deliver me, my wife and children from family walfer, o God list heaven open to my house and bless me this year

  128. I beg for God’s mercy,,forgiveness of sins and his grace
    I pray for financial breakthrough… Devine healing af all my ailments known and unknown… and be blessed with my better half
    All this I pray through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

  129. I want my NYSC this year to be positive in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, my sister’s marriage this year, the testimony that will shake the whole earth is my portion this e in Jesus name Amen. God Almighty should please help me with a well pay job this month March in Jesus name, every calamities should be destroyed, every spirit of death in my family should vanished in Jesus name. Amen.

  130. Comment:God should open my way and give me wisdom, I need God to do miracle in my life, I need mercy I need blessing of I need happiness in my life, e.t.c

  131. I need à miracle i want god to make me a succesful business Man so that i Can help the needy the poor and orphelin i believe troue your prayers god will do it for me thanks


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