Since 2002, I have suffered from chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain. Some of my pain was due to genetics, gifted from a grandmother who had poor posture. But it wasn’t until 2017 that I learned that food allergies were at the root of some of my pain. Although I may never be pain free, I don’t have the intensity of pain I once had. In the midst of pain, there’s hope.

Here are 10 things to remember if you are struggling with chronic pain:

1. We live in a broken world.

Until heaven, we will never live in a perfect world. Due to the fall of man and prevalence of sin, we will have to deal with illness and the breakdown of our bodies. When illness is present, pain usually follows. It’s an inconvenient (and often sad) reality.

Pain reminds us we are human – finite and fragile. “Weakness not only reminds us of the fall, but also of our desperate need for grace,” Christina Fox wrote in another article. Read more of her story about how God was faithful in her pain.

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