is not moved by your criticisms.

Yesterday, the Skintight crooner who stirred outrage with yet another misguided utterance took to his Instagram to post a message for all those criticising him for claiming credit for the success of African artists in London.

In case you missed the drama, during a sit-down with MTV Base Africa recently, the singer claimed his concerts in the UK sparked more interest in African music and that is why many of his counterparts all over Africa are getting invitations to come host concerts in London.

His statement quickly stirred outrage, just like the time he claimed he invented the fusion of Ghanaian words/sounds with Nigerian sounds and accused other Naija artists of reaping off the seed he sowed. Folks dragged his rump all over social media which ended in Runtown delivering a well-prepared clapback. Since then it has been one season after another of Mr Eazi Roasting, but the singer says he is not shaken by all the dislike.


“Who Jah has blessed no man can curse,” he told all his critics, accusing them of deliberately misquoting him.

See his comment that caused all the drama:

And here’s is his response to the clapback:


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