5 Reason Why God Cannot Be Stopped

No power or person or group of people can stand against God, God does what he likes. God does not have limitation or hindrance. God cannot be pegged, neither can he be injured or stopped. God cannot be destroyed. Below are 5 reasons why God cannot be stopped

1. All power belongs to him: Matthew 28:18 – God is so powerful that all powers belong to him. Luke 20:18

2. He created all things: Genesis 1:31: God has been here before eternity began. He was there when there was nothing.

3. He owns all things: The bible say the earth is the lord and fullness thereof. Psalm 24:1. The silver is his and also the Gold

4.He is a great and massive entity: The bible says he sits in heaven and makes the earth his foot still

5. He rules over everything: God is in charge. He determines who is promoted and demoted. Psalm 75:6-7


  1. How can I be part of his righteousness, and how can my prayers be heard by God, which step can I take? Thanks Daddy


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