We can live for our will or God’s will, or we could have our passions so transformed that we need not choose between the two.

Principle for Bible Reading


An author often seeks to emphasize what something is by stating what it is and what it is not. There is usually one idea being communicated by two different statements — one denies, and the other affirms.

In This Lab

In 1 Peter 4:2, Peter tells us to live our lives according to God’s will. He emphasizes this by telling us not to live for human passions but rather for God’s passions.

Pastor John advises us to see more however. He stops and contemplates how not living for human passions works. Should we abandon all our desires? Pastor John reminds us that just because we can identify a negative/positive relationship doesn’t mean that we should stop thinking about it and simply move on.

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  1. To live for God’s will is to allow the works of God to appear in our living. In whatever we do in life just for the sake of GOD. For the life we lead nor matter how richness we are; let the glory of God be shown in that richness we have. To avoid lust, selfishness, love of money and any evil deeds. Just to surender ourselves to GOD thank Jesus.


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