How to Escape the Friend Zone: 13 Actions that Make You Desirable

How to Escape the Friend Zone

If you like someone and are firmly in the dreaded friend zone, read on for tips on how to escape the friend zone and make them yours!

How to Escape the Friend Zone

escape the friend zone. If there’s one thing from the list of relationship woes that can be worse than unrequited love and getting dumped, that would be being condemned to the friend zone. While unrequited love can be realized later on and getting dumped calls for you to move on with life, getting friend-zoned gets you the worst both. But there are also ways to learn how to escape the friend zone.

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Nobody wants to get stuck in that ninth circle of relationship hell. But how do you avoid getting trapped in the friend zone? And for those already languishing in it, how do you escape the friend zone and become boyfriend material?

What is the friend zone?

The friend zone is not an actual place but a really unpleasant predicament. You harbor romantic feelings toward another person but the latter only sees you as a friend. Consequently, all your romantic efforts are useless because you reached the end of the relationship line.

You can profess your love, but she’ll see no romantic undertones in it. And, there’s the impossibility of moving on to the “next level.”

How to escape the friend zone

All romantic relationships more or less start from friendship. But when one wants to be more than friends and still nothing happens, what could have gone wrong?

#1 People get friend zoned if they keep acting like a regular friend forever. Getting trapped in the friend zone sometimes mean that you lack effort to push the relationship further.

Consider how a guy goes from being a friend to being a girl’s boyfriend. The transition from friend to romantic partner happens when one realizes that they want more than just friendship and start to escalate things further by adding more intimacy into the relationship. So when someone fails to act, the relationship remains as is.

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