According to “Urban Dictionary” – Slay Mama is someone who is so good looking its stabs someone’s heart, or “slays” their eyes. Apparently, so many persons like myself still find the word “Slay Mama” has something totally different within the Nigerian socialite. You would either see Slay Mama or “Pepper Dem” gang in virtually every female snap.

Dr. Sid was last seen screaming “Slay Mama” on his new track “We Up”

Slay Mama is still weird to you?

Say no more! Here are 5 reasons why you should avoid “Slay Mama”

1. Slay Mama is a dirty lady who cannot keep her private part clean.

Slay Mama’s varies with different social media platforms. Instagram Slay Mama, Facebook Slay Mama, Snapchat Slay Mama amongst others.

You might be surprised to see some “Slay Mamas” in some big churches in Lagos (House on the rock, Harvesters, KICC, Covenant Christian Centre, Day Star, COZA amongst others. They hunt their way to big gathering where they can show off – “Gidi Fest, TPL, Socialiga, OLIC and so on”

A young man was able to share the experience with a recent “Slay Mama” he had a wonderful encounter with on popular relationship counselor ‘Joro Olumofin” page.


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