There always comes a moment in a relationship or life where you meet someone and they mean the world to you till you find out, they are sucking out all your energy.  The signs are always there to tell you, you don’t need to keep hanging on onto that person but unfortunately, we find it very hard to detach ourselves from them till they ruin our lives. Just in case you don’t know what the signs could be, then here are 12 signs that clearly tells you, you should walk out of that relationship.

1. They Don’t Bring You Any Happiness

Initially, you were very happy with them but these days, it seems when you’re close to them, they rather make you feel sad. The question you should be asking yourself is, “why hang out with someone who makes you sad?”. If the things he or she does dampens your spirit, then it is time to advice yourself because we all need happiness to brighten up our lives. Anything or anybody that dampens your spirit can equally kill you.

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